Custom Foam Supplies For the Medical Industry

Merryweather Foam has been an industry leader for over 75 years, and we’re proud to support healthcare workers in their critical care. See how our top-quality foam fabrication capabilities, extensive knowledge of foam materials, and in-house medical packaging services make your search for excellent foam medical supplies easier.

Custom Medical Foam Manufacturing Capabilities

We’re continually refining our production strategies to ensure repeatable product consistency with zero mistakes, and our proprietary machinery allows flexibility for truly custom medical foam designs.

From improving the patient experience to avoiding complications during life-saving procedures, medical foam supplies from Merryweather help healthcare heroes do their best daily. We’re proud to help design and fabricate many types of medical supplies that offer doctors, nurses, and therapists superior options for alleviating pain, assessing vital conditions, and elevating quality of life.

Applications of Our Medical Foam Supplies

From improving the patient experience to avoiding complications during life-saving procedures, medical foam supplies from Merryweather help healthcare heroes do their best every day.

Want to learn more about the custom medical supplies and medical foam fabrication solutions we can provide?

Medical Positioning Devices

Medical positioning wedges help achieve limb or torso immobilization that can alleviate discomfort, ensure proper healing, facilitate therapeutic procedures and more. Merryweather can help you design and fabricate a custom medical foam wedge that meets your exact specifications.

Sound Dampening

Patient privacy is a primary concern in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Sound-dampening foam solutions from Merryweather can help ensure that sensitive patient information and discussions of delicate subjects remain as private as possible in doctor offices, clinics, surgical suites, and other medical situations.

Prosthetic Devices

One of the biggest challenges in successfully fitting prosthetic devices is mitigating the abrasion they can cause against the wearer’s skin. Merryweather can work with you to craft custom prosthetic foam pads that fit between a device’s hard metal or plastic parts and the patient’s body to alleviate discomfort and improve quality of life.

EKG Pads

Reticulated medical foam pads can be pre-impregnated with gel to improve electrical conductivity while eliminating the messy step of applying gel to the patient’s skin. The quality and consistency of our custom EKG supplies help provide the most accurate readings, helping doctors and nurses provide the best care to their patients.

Orthotic Inserts

Our wide selection of high-quality materials and foam fabrication capabilities makes it easier for your team to develop custom medical orthotic supplies for various painful foot conditions. Give your patient reliable relief with durable Merryweather medical foam inserts made to your specifications.

Blood Filtration & Oxygenation

The pumping action of heart-lung machines can create air bubbles that cause life-threatening conditions by blocking the passage of blood through the veins. Passing the blood through a medical foam filter made of reticulated foam eliminates the danger by breaking up air bubbles and making blood safe for circulation.

Air Filtering

Merryweather Foam can help you determine the most effective foam filters for your facility’s air filtration system, as well as custom medical foam filters for therapeutic applications like nebulizers and other respiratory care applications.

Medical Device Packaging

Our custom medical packaging solutions provide excellent insulation and ample padding to ensure the safety of medical industry components, from biologics to delicate machinery, while in transport.

Medical Foam Selection

With more than 70 years of experience and innovation under our belt, the pros at Merryweather are ready to help you take on big and small challenges. One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your medical foam supplies is which material to start with. The importance of choosing the right foam for your application cannot be overstated – it’s the basis for every aspect of performance. We know the right questions to ask about your intended function and use for various types of custom medical supplies that will lead us to the ideal selection of materials for your specific needs.

Whether you’re most interested in chemical resistance, pliability, shape retention, elasticity, sound absorption or another quality, we can offer insight into the best choice from a wide array of possibilities.

We Offer a Wide Range of Services & Capabilities

With more than 75 years of experience fabricating custom foam components for a wide range of industries, Merryweather Foam is your go-to partner for innovation and reliability. We have the knowledge, manpower, and equipment to meet your needs for excellence in the medical industry.

Check out the breadth and depth of our services and capabilities for delivering custom medical foam products that help you save lives:

Medical Foam Fabrication

To create custom medical supplies that fit your patients and procedures, we employ a variety of foam fabrication techniques. Each one delivers specific benefits, and our team of experts works with you to determine which process is appropriate for the types of medical supplies you need.

From CNC cutting for complex part production to precision slitting for custom-width medical foam to custom adhesive lamination for precise material characteristics to custom foam printing for streamlined inventorying, Merryweather’s services and capabilities support every aspect of the medical industry.

Case Studies & Relevant Materials
Take a look at real-world medical industry applications of Merryweather’s custom foam products:

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