Die Cutting

Merryweather Foam offers top-tier die cutting capabilities that support you from concept to final product – providing innovative foam solutions backed by over 70 years of industry leadership.

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Benefits of
Die Cutting.

Die cutting foam offers unparalleled precision and efficiency in creating intricate shapes from various materials, making it ideal for both low and high-volume production. This process ensures clean, repeatable cuts, enhancing the quality and consistency of the final foam product while minimizing waste and reducing manufacturing time.

Learn more about the advantages and ideal applications for the die cutting services we offer as a trusted foam manufacturer:

Advantages Flatbed Die Cutting

  • Clean and vertical edges
    • Achieves precise and clean cuts, crucial for foam applications.
  • Can cut a variety of materials
    • Versatile for different foam densities and compositions.
  • Cut several parts at once
    • Enhances efficiency by producing multiple foam parts in one cycle.
  • Fast process
    • Quick turnaround times for foam projects with tight deadlines.

Advantages Rotary Die Cutting

  • Precision cutting on various materials
    • Ideal for intricate designs and patterns in foam.
  • Allows for quick turnaround times
    • Speeds up production for large-scale foam product orders.
  • Integrates with other processes
    • Seamlessly combines with additional foam manufacturing steps.
  • High accuracy and quality
    • Maintains high standards of precision and finish.
  • Continuous cutting capability
    • Efficient for long runs of foam parts, reducing downtime.

Flatbed vs Rotary Die Cutting Applications

What’s the best die cutting process for your custom foam project? See how they compare, then talk to our experts about how we can meet your needs!

FeatureFlatbed Die CuttingRotary Die Cutting
Best For:Low to medium-volume projectsHigh volume projects
Material Variety:Works with a wide range of materialsBest for consistent materials
Precision:High-precision foam cutting for detailed cutsExtremely precise for complex designs
Speed:Moder speed, efficient for small batchesFast processing for large batches
Cost:Cost-effective for smaller runsEconomical for large-scale production


The Process of Die Cutting

Die cutting foam involves using specialized die cutting tools to shape materials precisely. Merryweather Foam excels in both flatbed and rotary die cutting processes, providing high-quality solutions for diverse industry applications. With state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team, we ensure accuracy and consistency in every cut, catering to custom foam product needs in sectors that include automotive, aerospace, medical, and consumer goods.

The steps involved in each of these processes are broken down below:

Flatbed Die Cutting Process

Flatbed die cutting is a cost-effective method for creating intricate two-dimensional shapes in thin materials. The process involves the following steps:

Steel Rule Die Preparation:

A strip of thin steel, similar to a tape measure, is bent into the desired shape and fixed in a slot on the base.

Mounting the Die:

The assembled die is mounted face down in a press.


The material is positioned beneath the die, which is then pressed down. The steel edge cuts through the material, creating the desired shape.

Controllable Depth:

The depth of the cut can be controlled to cut all the way through or partially (“kiss” or “butt” cut), allowing pieces to remain attached for easier handling.

Rotary Die Cutting Process

Rotary die cutting is a highly efficient method for high-volume projects. The process involves:

Rotary Press Setup:

The procedure takes place on heavy-duty cylindrical anvil or rotary press die cutting tools, providing stability.

Customized Die Tools:

Various dies, including engraved, adjustable, and magnetic plate tooling, are used for different cutting needs.

Feeding Material:

An operator feeds a long web or sheet of material into the machine’s “station.”

Cutting and Shaping:

The rotary cutting tool creates designed shapes through cutting, perforating, creasing, or reducing the material to smaller pieces.

Precision and Waste Management:

Well-calibrated gears ensure the machine operates at the same speed as the process for high accuracy. Waste material is minimal and easily disposed of.

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