Merryweather Foam Refreshes ISO 9001:2008 Certification at Two Facilities

Barberton, OH
June 10th, 2015
Merryweather Foam, Inc.
Merryweather Foam, one of the premier foam fabricators in the United States, has just refreshed ISO 9001:2008 status for their Sylacauga, Alabama & Anthony, New Mexico locations. This represents a major achievement for the organization as well as providing better outcomes for their customers.

ISO 9001:2008 is an international quality management system that is set, monitored and audited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Receiving ISO certification means that Merryweather’s quality processes, as well as systems, meet ISO specific criteria and that the company is constantly making improvements to meet and improve customer requirements.

In fact, “attaining ISO 9001:2008 was a significant process that included a detailed self-evaluation process and review that sought to ascertain Merryweather’s quality systems and procedures” says Bob McCune, Merryweather Foam President. Also, an external audit was then undertaken before the company was allowed to be certified. In addition to the initial audit, the company will also be receive an ongoing yearly external audit to review and renew the ISO certificate.

According to Mr. McCune, “Much of the effort to pursue this certification came as a result of feedback and input from our customers. This certification represents a combination of several months of serious teamwork and dedication by all employees at Merryweather, and diligence in all practices and procedures. ISO quality management isn’t just handed out easily by the International Organization for Standardization, rather it is reserved for organizations that meet specific requirements, and that are constantly improving to help customer needs”. This shows the quality of Merryweather and its willingness to constantly evolve and improve for their customers.

While an ISO certification is good for a company’s reputation, it is the customers that really benefit. “ISO 9001:2008 certification means we are constantly improving to meet the needs of our customers” says Mr. McCune.

IS0 9001:2008 certification is also not just a one-time event, where the company will always be certified. Each year follow-up audits are undertaken, and the company must make a commitment to continually reviewing and improving their quality systems.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see why certification benefits both customers and a company.

Merryweather has always been known for providing quality flexible foam products and foam fabrication services that meet and exceed customer expectations. With this new certification, it shows that the company adheres to the highest qualities and standards in terms of quality management systems.

With this new certification, you can rest assured that you are in good hands for all of your foam fabrication needs.

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