Team, Family and Customization: Three Core Values

2015 is nearly finished. Before we say goodbye to the current year, we want to pause to say “Thank You” to our clients, suppliers, and employees! From the beginning of our company history in 1948, relationships have been the common thread that knit the fabric of our company values. For over 67 years, we have been fueled by three core values that have propelled the company for generations:

We are Team Driven – Staying competitive in world markets means maximizing resources. At Merryweather Foam, that includes working diligently as a team. This team focus keeps us moving ahead more efficiently. A large number of our team members, from the factory floor to sales offices have been members of our team for several decades–allowing us to provide consistent results and solutions to our customers. We not only work together as a team, but we partner with our clients to better deliver the products they need.

We are Family Owned – Merryweather Foam began as a family owned business and remains family owned to this day. In 1948, Merryweather Foam Latex Company was founded in a humble Akron, Ohio suburb by Lloyd, Raymond and Gerald Merryweather. At the time, the trio lived next to an engineer from Goodyear who was working on an air foam product. Gradually, the Merryweather’s were able to grow their business, creating foam mattresses and foam hair curlers that were so popular from the 50’s through the 70’s. In the 1960s, steady growth led Merryweather Foam to expand to a 90,000 square foot facility in Barberton, Ohio. By the mid 70’s, with relationships with he support of Whirlpool and other manufacturing companies, Merryweather had expanded its facilities to include the main Akron plant, three Cincinnati facilities and were now building a plant in Sylacauga, Alabama. By the mid 1980’s, under competitive pressure, Merryweather Foam was purchased by Carl R. McCune, an accountant who was familiar with the company. By the 1990’s, the company was again on the grow, and the company built a manufacturing plant near El Paso, Texas. Today, the family values, so prominent in the founding of the company, still play a major part of our philosophy as Mr. McCune’s son, and grandchildren actively operate the company.

We are Customer Service Fanatics – We have what it takes to partner with you on your next flexible foam fabrication project–no matter how large or small. Through the years, we’ve had the pleasure of working with small businesses and large corporations to offer flexible foam solutions as well as pressure sensitive adhesive lamination. We’ve created custom products for Dr. Scholl’s and Sears. We’ve partnered with Whirlpool and GE Medical. In our early days, we were even the supplier of custom designed foam rubber pads on which two monkeys rode in one of the first space capsules in the U.S. If you need a custom flexible foam fabrication, we invite you to contact Merryweather Foam. Put our experience in custom flexible foam fabrication to work for you and bring us your next challenge!
By maintaining the values of being team driven, family owned, and by focusing on customer solutions, we continue to serve our worldwide clients with integrity and value. In this season of gratefulness, it is an excellent opportunity for us to take a look back as well as to look forward. For those who we have had the pleasure of serving through the years we are profoundly grateful. For those will be working with soon, we welcome you. Thank you, and have a prosperous new year.