Custom Bagging and Assembly


Here at Merryweather Foam, we have worked for the past 68 years perfecting the art of fabricating custom foam products for clients in many different industries. But there’s a lot more to what we do other than manufacturing high quality foam components. We have a number of value added services that, at the end of the assembly line, make our final product something special, exclusively for a specific customer.

No two companies are exactly alike. We serve companies of all kinds, in all the major industries while taking great care to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our clients. For example, a client might need a specially designed carton with printed text and images then be taped shut, shrink-wrapped to skids and loaded onto a truck for blind shipment under the client’s name to our client’s customer at a specific location. This may seem like a difficult task, this kind of thing is right in our wheelhouse. We are ready to handle the entire process under one roof.

Custom Bagging and Assembly
After your purchase has been processed and packaged, we apply our specialized custom bagging and assembly operation to put the finishing touches on your package. From basic tags for small business inventory to a complete solution for placement in large retail venues, we can handle it. Whether your needs are for clean and dry storage or retail presentation, we provide you with all that you need, customized with your logo and pertinent information. From bulk to drop shipping, we create a fulfillment plan to meet your company’s needs.

Serving A Wide Range of Applications Means Multiple Packaging Needs
Our clients use our foam products for so many sophisticated scientific, medical, and industrial purposes, it’s difficult to quantify them in short article. But it makes good sense that with the broad range of properties these foams provide from variable densities, degrees of permeability and absorbency, to varying levels of radio conductivity- its easy to see why our products could find use in such a wide spectrum of sophisticated applications.

Since 1948, we have been industry leaders in fabricating unique foam components for customers in the medical, sound absorption, automotive, and packaging industries. At Merryweather Foam, we pride ourselves on our ability to combine experience, innovation, and excellent customer service. We have the knowledge, manpower and equipment to help you get the job done.

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