Foam LEGO Slippers – Saving Feet One Block at a Time

Foam products are all around us, but they are often so practical and useful that we wind up forgetting they exist. However, a new creation by the toymaker LEGO, oddly enough, has shown another side of foam—a fun (yet still practical) side that will have parents cheering.

LEGO, in partnership with French ad agency Brand Station, has created the LEGO Slipper. Any parent who’s children play with the popular LEGO blocks has probably felt the pain of stepping on a block in the middle of the night. Bare feet and hard, plastic blocks do not mix.

These LEGO-branded slippers were developed with an extra layer of foam cushion to protect feet from the pain of LEGOs. Parents can now walk through the house and feel confident that they will not be surprised by the pain of a hard plastic block.

LEGO and brand station are only producing 1500 pairs of these branded slippers, and they will be distributing them at random to customers who fill out a Christmas wish list on the LEGO France website. This may mean that your chances of getting the slippers are slim. However, it does remind us all of the different ways that foam can be used. Perhaps you can come up with a modification to your current slippers—LEGO-proof bunny slippers maybe?

If you would like to learn more about the LEGO slippers, check out this video Brand Station shared about how they were made. To learn more about the many uses for foam, visit our section on case studies.