Low Permeability Foam

Restrict Air & Water

A wide range of low permeability foams restricting either air and/or water is available which can be engineered to meet demanding sealing requirements. When fabricated into final parts, it is ideal as a low-pressure gasket and for dust, light, vapor and water seals in automotive, truck, appliance and electronic equipment.
Low Perm Foam can be ideal for many applications requiring low-pressure gasketing, possibly where higher priced materials are over- engineered. Applications include air duct damper gaskets and dust and vapor seals for automotive, appliances and data processing equipment. Super Seal Foam offers both resistance to water leakage and also an open cell, low set foam.

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Characteristics of Low Permeability Foam

• Ability to be Laminated to Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
• Excellent Shape Retention
• Resistant to Wear and Abrasion
• Allows for Controlled Cushioning
• Breathable

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Common Applications

Low Permeability foam is useful in many industries and in a variety of ways.

• Data-Processing Equipment
• Dust and Vapor Seals
• Air-Duct Damper Gaskets
• Appliances
• Automotive

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