Visco Elastic Foam

Memory Foam

Visco elastic foam is a dense, flexible, open cell polyurethane foam that is more commonly referred to as memory foam. It is also known as temper foam, slow-recovery foam, low-resilience polyurethane (LRP) and visco foam. Visco elastic foam’s domineering characteristics are its ability to conform to the shape of whatever is placed upon it, and then recover to its original shape once that weight is removed. With its superior cushioning for even pressure distribution, it is a popular material for use in mattresses, pillows and furniture.

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Fabricating Memory Foam

Fabricating memory foam is a slower, more complicated process than the fabrication of conventional polyurethane foam. Its softness is a contributing factor that makes it a fabrication challenge. The material can be die-cut, but it does have fabrication limits. At Merryweather Foam, we take the time and use proven processes in creating our high-quality memory foam. We use no fillers.

Characteristics of Visco Elastic Foam

Memory foam’s structure and slow recovery makes it a terrific material when sound or vibration dampening is required. It is also one of the world’s most comfortable materials.

• Resiliency
• Cushioning
• Flexibility
• Shock absorption
• Sound absorption
• Mildew resistant
• Compressibility

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Common Applications

Visco Elastic Foam is useful in many industries and in a variety of ways.

• Safety equipment
• Mattresses
• Pillows
• Furniture
• Audio equipment

• Electronics
• Industrial
• Consumer
• Sound Studios
• Seating

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